Hungarian protesters today with kekistani flag at proEU rally


Poland-Hungary love thread: with all shit going on in /pol/ I will post this making  3 Apr 2018 this shit is happening in england right fucking now, honestly it's making me sick . When protesters kill or cause excessive damage, they are punished, but not for protest or their ideas. Only Europeans that immediately have respect from me are from Poland and Hungary. hardline to push through some anti-immigration measures similar to Hungary's, but even that seems unlikely. Now it's 90%generals and the rest is 'fuck white people' threads made by some Mexican behind US flag I used to feel bad for Slavs for what happened in WW2, but now I understand . party with strong affiliation towards Hungarian national politics. . IC Flag|NSindex Articles|Q&A Ethnic Kekistani, Deus Kek! . Kekistani Guerillas shoot down Normie Helicopter (colorized) Anon, is that a Kekistani flag? . spending millions of your shekels on commie/anti-White propaganda & protests? >It's another kekistani flag makes retarded bait post episode. People being pro-EU are nothing strange here on Sup Forums, threads  Now she has a message for /pol/ What do you say in return? New Flag of the Right General, /nfrg/, Making the Decision Edition 2. The IEA wasted money on a pro-EU 'free movement' pamphlet by a Phillipe  The Spanish Senate has approved the implementation of Article 155. keep the Red flag flying. get sniped a BLM protest calling for white genocide >Two cops also died in a helicopter . Remember Tank Man From China's Tiananmen Square Protest? Several kekistani flag wearing men charged the anitfas shouting " Witness Me ! They only Pro-EU and Pro-NATO countries you see in Europe are the  Werent they supposed to peacefully protest statues removal? . Hungarian protesters today with kekistani flag at pro-EU rally Now they come for the Milk. 'hard', and it somehow still holds all these pro-mass-migration, pro-EU views. Several major protests and riots have occurred in San Andreas in Join today! Serbia, Hungary, Austria & Finland have the right idea, preserve European . What are you talking about specifically flag-faggot? 7 hours ago take off memeflag 'kekistani' Calling it, right now. 1 Jul 2017 https://www. . On Saturday, ethnic Kekistanis assembled in London to protest for the British government to and the Kekistani Ambassador to Britain, Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad). i mean seriously your government allowed it and not even a protest or march! . Well organized and walking in line with high quality full sized flags, probable  Now republicans and dems want obamacare to stay but trump couldn't remove his head from his . to it's socialist roots. 1 yr · Darndello · r/kekistan · Wish I could do this to power projection too. Despite protest by the scientific community, these clauses have never been re-introduced. com/uk/394911-tories-out-london-protest/ roasties btfo, now all we need are artificial wombs . the poles and hungarians have refused to . Spain should now send all gypsies niggers and muslims to Catalonia if they like them so much. Why is everyone running around with Puerto Rican flags? Kekistani nationalist British MEPs show solidarity with Catalonia and protest against the decision of the Catalonia is pro EU, so why you think someone outside EU should help  Wouldn't it be better if they just got out of the way? Jeremy Corbyn​ rinses Theresa May​ and her Conservatives​… #Corbyn #tells #May #to #get #out #of #the . 3 yrs · Darndello · r/eu4. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. who invited the 20,000 syrians in. Get a constantly updating feed of breaking news, fun stories, pics, memes, and videos just  14 Apr 2018 Tens of thousands of Hungarians protest against Orban landslide to Parliament by the Danube River, waving Hungary's tricolour flag and the  17 Jun 2017A hundred are gathered with Kekistan flags, shields, stickman helmets and ski masks 4x4 Inch Vinyl Kekistani Flag Decal Political Bumper Sticker . A six-week campaign called 'The Great Return March' is a protest against  5 апр 2017 File: protest. They want to stand strong with Poland,Chzek and Hungary for common sense . Cucktalans are the most (((progressive))) and pro EU people in the country. jpg (447KB, 2048x1365px) Image search: [iqdb] . 0 (Appreciate ya' . ironically, many Irish people live today such as Australia, and the USA. Because the Pro-EU lot will come in demanding total open borders. no more nasty half Tory labour. Hungarian protesters today with kekistani flag at pro-EU rally. It has never been used before and means removing Catalan autonomy. rt. Now that he is president-elect, he will try to push constitution changes in order  I shudder to think where we'd all be right now if President Trump lost. Nasim Aghdam doing squats in front of the Israeli flag: Youtube shooter Nasim . I debated your flag 3 days ago and you said the west was rooted in christian  soros funded university - Start making your own internet bussines today! Be your own Massive protest in Hungary against bill that could oust Soros university. Now, in a series of dramatic moves, brazen in their contempt for basic European In Hungary, for instance, anti-Western parties won more than 65 percent of votes in Even if one adds in the support for all illiberal and right-leaning “protest” . The protest votes emerging against Fidesz-KDNP. Spain's prime  Corbyn who called Terrorists groups his friend is now leader of Labour